"The New You" is the groundbreaking daytime talk show that transforms the old you into "the new you." It's "The View" with a dream team of doctors and specialists working to help real people overcome real-life obstacles. And for the first time on daytime television, guests will undergo a series of medical consultations and evaluations in front of a live studio audience in a state-of-the-art on-air clinic. The physician-led panel's approach (from traditional medicine to holistic healing) will dispel the common misconception of only one method of treating an ailment. This team strategy brings all the doctors' areas of expertise together to obtain the best results possible.

In addition, guests receive the makeover of a lifetime in "The New You" Boost Room. Under the guidance of our cosmetic experts, the Boost Room offers a wide variety of clinically-proven skin care treatments, as well as hair, make-up and wardrobe transformations that will be revealed at the end of every show.

Guests also receive a personalized Life Plan detailing the medical opinions of our experts, and as an added bonus, they'll also be given an in-depth beauty maintenance guide to keep their fresh new look. In the Curbside Consultation segment, members of the audience get the opportunity to quiz the doctors on today's important health and wellness concerns.

"The New You" is also an unrivaled branding opportunity for sponsors as well. For the first time, products will be integrated into the show as part of the guests' treatments. Coming soon, advertisers can also participate in other components of "The New You" multi-platform brand including the internet, broadband, and publishing.

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